In our opinion we fly the epitome of the NZ Ag aircraft, the Fletcher FU24 – 950 and 954 models. Two of our aircraft are powered by the conventional Lycoming IO-720 400HP engine (IO – 720 stands for Injected Opposed 720 Cubic Inches) burning avgas; the other two aircraft are powered by the Walter M601D-11NZ 550HP turbine engine burning Jet A1.

The aircraft have a wing area of 27 SqM and are capable of lifting a total weight of 2888kg/6366lbs; this means the payload for all four aircraft ranges from 850kg of Urea (due to bulk i.e. low density) to 1270kg of lime or superphosphate depending on fuel load and other weight factors concerning the aircraft. We can also change the role equipment on the aircraft to sow any product, at any rate from grams to tonnes per hectare.

The aircraft are also equipped with excellent Trimble Ag-Flight DGPS for superior and exact placement of product being sown or sprayed.